How things change…

I just clicked through to Paul Mooney’s blog to check on the latest post, and then linked on to one of his previous posts.  Dated 2nd August 2005, it said:

I have a bit of a predicament.   It is common practice and good sense to always have a filled room for any session/seminar, as opposed to a large room that may only be half full.  The ILUG day now has 47 confirmed bookings (quite impressive for an Irish based event), and at this point I may have to start refusing requests to attend as the room I have arranged can hold approx. 45 people.  On the other hand, I have been offered a fantastic Auditorium style room with great facilities in another hotel, but this is scaled for 120 users and the price is great.  This leaves me with an issue.  The nice things about Auditorium style rooms is that they never feel as “empty” as standard conference rooms if numbers are low. And I can always try to force people to sit in the centre seating area, keeping that area full.  So since quite a few of the readers of this site are attending, I am putting it out to the floor (so to say).  Keep with a standard room that *might* hold everyone, or go with a much larger room.  Unfortunately, there are no 80-person rooms available at good rates etc.  For good or bad, I will have to make a call on this soon. (emphasis mine)

Yes, just 3 short years ago, ILUG had just 47 bookings, as opposed to the 400+ that are expected this week.  Amazing.

Huge thanks go to Paul, Eileen and the rest of the team for making it such an enjoyable and informative event to attend. An incredible effort all round.

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