How to get IBMers to stop sending you e-mails with attachments

Okay we got your attention by this title. But we will make it worth reading this blog entry.  The guest function within LotusLive has great value. It makes inter-company collaboration possible even between paying and non-paying LotusLive users.

For those that also look at cloud computing from Microsoft (BPOS), Microsoft  is not able to support inter-company collaboration with BPOS. You will still use e-mail to share files externally.

The guest user within LotusLive is a limited function compared to LotusLive Engage/LotusLive Connections functionality. However I completed a detailed analysis of all the functions available as guest LotusLive users. And the result you have 70% of  all available features for free as a guest users.

The 3 limitations you have as a guest user are:
•        no company features (creating company profile, adding company users, internal company file sharing)
•        limited file storage (25 Mb and not 1 GB)
•        no instant messaging capabilities

The result is that IBMers (they have free access to all functions of LotusLive) and other LotusLive users can stop using e-mail to share files with all external users. Sharing files via LotusLive is better and easier. E-mail storage can be reduced because of this by 50 to 90 percent in my opinion.

You want to try it ? Ask an IBMer or another LotusLive user (like Stuart or me) to send you an invitation to be a guest user.

Image:How to get IBMers to stop sending you e-mails with attachments

Image:How to get IBMers to stop sending you e-mails with attachments

e-mail that guest user receives

LotusLive overview.key

Here is an overview of all the functions available as a subscribed and as a guest user:

LotusLive overview.key

“Lotus Knows you no longer need e-mail to share files externally”

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