IBM announces Cloud Computing ’Czar’

Whilst I detest the term ‘Czar’ when referring to business leaders, this seems a good move by IBM to bring all their Cloud-focused projects and solutions under one person. Cnet News reports:

Erich ClementiWith so much buzz in the corporate computing world around the (sometimes ambiguous) concept of “cloud computing,” it was only a matter of time before one large company or another appointed a cyber computing czar.

On Tuesday, IBM put Erich Clementi in charge of all its cloud computing work. His appointment was part of a multitime zone announcement that also featured the company’s latest cloud computing clients–Elizabeth Arden, Nexxera, and the United States Golf Association–who intend to test Big Blue’s cloud applications in their own businesses.

Clementi’s official title is general manager of Enterprise Initiatives. But GM or czar, he is being catapulted into a high-profile position where he’ll be making the case to customers why they should sign with IBM instead of one of its rivals. In the last 18 months, IBM has built more than a dozen cloud centers around the world. But Clementi’s job now is to speed that effort with an eye toward “making cloud technology work for and with corporations and governments.”

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