IBM Business Partner? Get a free year’s subscription to LotusLive Engage, Meetings or iNotes

This offer has been hidden away in the depths (!) of PartnerWorld for a while now, but is beginning to get more publicity which is good news for both IBM Business Partners and the LotusLive community.

If you are an IBM BP at Premier, Advanced or Member level (i.e. all partners), and either want to learn more about the LotusLive offerings, or even better, want to collaborate more effectively with your customers and partners then this offer could float your boat:

Lotuslive graphicIn this time of travel restrictions and cost-cutting, make sure you are using your PartnerWorld online collaboration tools to your best advantage. IBM Business Partners can use LotusLive solutions to meet online, share files, chat, manage projects, and network with potential clients, anywhere and anytime.

PartnerWorld members are eligible for a no charge, one year Business Partner demonstration account for LotusLive Engage, LotusLive Meetings, and LotusLive iNotes. Choose your service below to get started.

LotusLive Engage
Combine your social network with Web conferencing and collaboration capabilities.
LotusLive iNotes
Get a business-class, Web based e-mail service.
LotusLive Meetings
Host a Web conference.

Whether you work remotely, manage remote teams, or just need one simple place to bring colleagues together, LotusLive delivers collaboration solutions in a securely designed environment.


All registered PartnerWorld members are eligible.

(via Mary Hall’s blog)

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