IBM Connections Touchpoint: on-boarding for new users

A new project from the IBM Labs – IBM Connections Touchpoint

The IBM Connections Touchpoint provides an interactive user experience that can be used for a wide variety of end user touchpoint scenarios, such as new user profile creation, community and network contact recommendations, organization polling and more, driving user engagement and increasing the business value of your organization’s social business platform.

Perhaps the best way to describe this is via screenshots:

Here’s the starting point:

Touchpoint Main

The ‘Let’s Get Started’ button leads to creating your profile:

Touchpoint Creating Profile

Add some tags/interests:

Touchpoint Tags

Add some network contacts, including some suggestions from the platform:

Touchpoint Network

Then some key colleagues to follow:

Touchpoint Follow

I particularly like the hover functionality on this page, showing recent content:

Touchpoint Hover

And finally, some communities:

Touchpoint Communities

(Unfortunately on the Greenhouse this isn’t populating right now.)

Then your data is processed and you are redirected to the Connections Homepage Getting Started tab as usual.

I think this is a fantastic idea, and is much needed in the product.  It would be a tremendous link to send to newly added users or to be included in an on-boarding pack handed to new starters.  I also believe that this more friendly UI style is something that could be carried into other areas of the product.

Great work, IBM… Hoping Touchpoint makes it into Connections Next!

Try Touchpoint yourself now (Greenhouse ID needed), and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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