IBM launches new Social Business Digital Library – features case studies, testimonials, Lotusphere sessions and industry insights

There is no doubt that the IBM Collaboration Solutions & Social Business marketing team are beginning to do a great job of social sites focused on events and case studies. The Social Aggregator used for Lotusphere 2011 was a perfect example.

The latest of these, launching this week is the IBM Social Business Digital Library.  

Featuring 60 second social stories, customer testimonials, Lotusphere 2011 session recordings and industry insights, this site shows signs of being a starting point toward a catalogue of excellent videos to be shared with customers and colleagues.

There is also a series on how to become a Social Business:

While additional options to embed the videos and to link directly to a video (or even a specific point within a video) would be great, this is a good start.  Well done to Kathy, Colleen and everyone involved. Excellent work!

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