IBM’s latest CIO study available – “We have to collaborate to survive”

From my PoV, one of the most essential docs to read each time it is released is the IBM CIO Study.  This is published biannually as part of IBM’s research into the views of C-level execs (CEOs, CFOs, CHROs (that’s human resource officers) and CIOs) and covers the views of CIOs worldwide, their passions, strategies and the issues they face:

IBM has just produced a very insightful document based on our 2008 CEO Study which contains statements, analysis and trends that are very pertinent to matters of collaboration and integration – two things that are at the core of what Lotus software helps organisations address:


Convergent thinking among the C-suite:why integration and collaboration spell big opportunity for CIOs.’

These are just two of the quotes

We have to collaborate to survive; there are fewer things that will be cost effective to do on our own. We will continue to do less inside the organization and more with partners and even competitors.” – Global CEO Study 2008 participant

They [the CIOs] also point to the importance of collaboration
across business lines and organizational boundaries as key to unlocking hidden talent, identifying new opportunities and exploiting their companies’ innovation potential.

Definitely worth downloading, reading and then sharing with others in your organisation.

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