Idea Jam officially launched

Bruce and the team at Elguji Software have officially launched the Idea Jam site:

With over 450 ideas submitted, 1,400 comments and 9,000 votes cast, Idea Jam has been taken out of beta and is now available to the IBM Lotus Community. While the current Idea Jam site is geared towards Lotus developers there are plans to make a site available specifically for Notes “end users.” IBM and other companies are also currently piloting Idea Jam based sites and the momentum is building for the Elguji Ideas development team to make the product commerically available sooner rather than later.

Personally, I am very impressed with the community and the dialogs that are taking place on Idea Jam. Site traffic is approaching half that of and RSS subscriptions are going through the roof. Many IBM’ers have also signed up and are participating in Idea Jam and even more are watching from the side lines.

I am confident that Idea Jam will in fact help drive inovation not only in Lotus’s product line but, other companies who employ the “Elguji Ideas” product for their customers.

A big thanks to Matt White, Sean Burgess, Kelly Callahan, Mark Barton and Gayle for all of their help and support. Special thanks to Mary Beth Raven, Adam Gartenberg, Chris Reckling and Alan Lepofsky for their support of Idea Jam.

Here is the Press Release that we are releasing later today.

I am convinced that both the site and the product are set for a wildly successful future.  Well done to all concerned…

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