ILUG 2008 – run, don’t walk…

Fancy a few days in Ireland, enjoying a pint or two of Guinness, listening to the best speakers in the Lotus community, meeting the most interesting folks, and having an awesome time?

If so, get yourself over to the ILUG2008 site ASAP and get registered.  I fully expect the event to be waitlisted by end of play tomorrow, so if you want to be there, get on that list as fast as possible.  

And needless to say, if you later find out you cannot make it, please do let the organisers know. Only 500 can attend the conference, and it would be awful to see any empty seats in such a popular event.  Kudos to Paul, Bill, Matt, Warren, Kitty, Tom, Eileen, Julian and all the crew – it promises to be the best of times…

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