Is your organisation ready to enter Social Media? Really?

Many organisations are looking at the success of Facebook, Twitter and other Web2.0/Social Media sites and thinking they must get involved.  Well, as we know, it isn’t always as easy as that, particularly for the more mainstream “traditional” businesses.

Mitch Joel takes a look at why some organisations are failing with this effort, and comes up with some questions you might want to ask:

Here are the bigger questions your organization needs to be asking before entering these channels:

– Are we willing to not just listen, but to respond and adapt based on the back and forth?
– Are we willing to become active participants – not just in our channels but in the other channels and spaces as well?

– Are we willing to change the focus from being on our company to being about everybody – us, them and the entire community?

– Are we willing to be participants with just as much fervour and passion when it’s not good for us, but good for the community or the industry as a whole?

– Are we willing to be open?

– Are we willing to be really, really open and transparent?

It’s a fascinating article and I think its worth reading through and then evaluating whether your organisation is really ready for the about-turn in attitude required…

[Hat tip to Aden Davies for the link]

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