Issue with Connections media widget timing out

Whilst building a new Connections environment for a customer we noticed a strange issue when uploading large files to the media gallery.

Connections media gallery timeout
Initially I thought it was related to the size of the file, but the same file will upload to the Connections files application without issue. There is very little errors in the SystemOut.log for the Connections server, so I was baffled.

A PMR was opened and the very helpful Mr Dave McCarthy was the PMR owner and we then started on our investigation. During the testing I noticed that the uploads appeared to timeout after 20 mins, exactly 20 mins. After some experimenting on 4 different Connections systems, it was confirmed that it was a timeout, regardless of the file policy or file library size. So not many people are on a internet connection that may take 20 mins to upload a video, but we know it is an issue as the customer I was building the system for confirmed this.

After much digging through existing PMRs Dave was stumped, so the PMR was passed up the chain to the development team. Who confirmed very quickly that their is a setting in the config.js which is buried in the news ear file which has a time out set to 1200 sec (20 minutes)!! Change this setting and as if by magic the timeout issue is resolved.

To change the time out setting do the following :


Find this section, (Line 450), that specifies some timeout values,
including one for upload that is set to 1200 sec (20 minutes):

timeout: {
request: 60,
update: 200,
upload: 1200,
retrieveFiles: 100,
userSearch: 200,
userTypeahead: 10

Raise the upload value from 1200 to what is needed to complete the large file upload on your connection speed and save the file. Then restart the News application to make the change effective. This file should be changed on the primary Connections node if you have more than one and sync the changes around the other nodes.

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