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Jive launch the “New Way’ for business

by Stuart McIntyre
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Whilst many will know Collaboration Matters as being Lotus Connections specialists, we have a number of relationships with other vendors in the Social Collaboration space, including SocialText, Jive and Atlassian.

This week in the Enterprise2.0 conference in Boston, and many of the vendors are planning big announcements over the next few days.  e.g. IBM has its ‘Evening in the Cloud‘ even tonight, where Sean Poulley will be leading the LotusLive push.

However, the most impressive set of announcements so far has been from Jive Software, who are launching their “New Way to Business” campaign:


The “New Way” is an agenda for social business, redefining how work gets done, and how companies engage with their customers.  Two facets of the “New Way” being unveiled today are Jive What Matters and the Jive Apps Market:

Jive What Matters

Jive What Matters is designed to be the first place for everything users need to see, know, and do. It aggregates relevant information on a single page, enabling faster action taking and decision-making.

Jive What Matters combines information from social business applications, existing enterprise tools and the external social web into a simple, breakthrough user experience. It includes the following functionality:

  • ‘Now’ — an aggregated view of everything a user needs to know, including activity and critical information from the web, legacy systems and other social sources;
  • ‘My Communications’ — a single place to go for everything a user needs to see, including relevant comments, direct messages, or anything else that impacts the user; and
  • ‘My Actions’ — a streamlined summary of everything a user needs to do by prioritizing action items, alerts, and critical project notifications.

“Jive is helping us drive innovation and collaboration across the company,” said Greg Lowe, Social Media Strategist, Alcatel-Lucent.  “In less than 60 days, over 10,000 employees have joined Engage, our Jive-powered community.  Managing the information explosion so we can focus on the crucial data is an ongoing challenge and Jive What Matters will help us do just that.”

Jive What Matters is powered by Jive Chatter Filter and Jive Genius. Jive Chatter Filter delivers a pure stream of relevant information. It gives each user a personalized view of the information they want and the actions they need to take by intelligently cutting through the noise from a myriad of sources. The Jive Genius proactively recommends useful content based on learned preferences and behaviors of each Jive user.

From within their Jive What Matters page, users can invoke Jive apps. Jive apps are lightweight, powerful applications that deliver critical functionality without the overhead of outdated user interfaces.

Jive Apps Market
Jive Apps Market will function as a gallery of applications, tailored for various industries, business functions and processes. Businesses will be able to select and adopt the most innovative and easy to use applications. They will have a direct line of sight into usage, performance and budget control.

Jive applications can be built by cloud application providers, third party developers and system integrators.

Jive is launching an application developer community in September at JiveWorld 2010 with full API documentation, example applications and tutorials on how to leverage the Jive platform. Developers will be able to combine their knowledge of the Open Social framework with the Jive apps services to build and test apps that reside inside Jive. They will have access to the rich Jive enterprise social graph to develop compelling applications with engaging user experiences that, to date, have not been possible.

As a first step towards Jive Apps Market, Jive is announcing the Jive Widget Studio. The Jive Widget Studio will allow employees to personalize their Jive experience by making and adding popular Open Social widgets such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Flickr streams. The Jive Widget Studio will be available next month to Jive customers with Jive 4.5 and later.

Jive is building the application framework using Open Standards such as OpenSocial and oAuth. This is consistent with Jive’s strategy and commitment to pursue and adopt an open strategy.

By integrating the Twitter “Firehose” that has been licensed, Jive can take the knowledge shared in the 65million tweets each day and combine this with the organisational information within the Jive environment.  I think this makes a great deal of sense as a way to bring the private and public social webs together.

In addition, the Apps Market builds on the success of the OpenSocial development effort to allow organisations to expand their Jive infrastructures, integrate their applications and embrace the Social Web.

Also announced today are strategic partnerships with Dachis Group (including our partners at Headshift) and CSC, and the addition of Jive to the Google Apps Marketplace.  I find the “New Way” a really exciting effort so far, and can’t wait to hear more as the event goes on.  

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