Leopard – the mother of all reviews…

Image:Leopard - the mother of all reviews...

I have just loaded Leopard onto my Macbook Pro and am loving it so far – no major issues and the upgrade went very smoothly.  However, I am a long way from being able to offer a proper revew of what’s in the release.

Fortunately, John Siracusa has done the jobs for us at Ars Technica, and despite some reservations about UI changes in Leopard, I think he likes it!

I started this review talking about expectations. As I’ve learned more about Leopard, it’s become increasingly clear where, exactly, those two-and-a-half years of development time went. Leopard is absolutely packed with improvements. It seems that not a corner of the OS has gone untouched.

Perhaps that’s not as clear to the casual user who just sees the surface changes and the major new features in Leopard. But even in that case, there’s more than enough to recommend it. if you’re wondering whether you should upgrade to Leopard, the answer, as it’s been for every major revision of Mac OS X, is yes.

So, take a look at the review. Watch out though, there is 17 pages worth!

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