Lotus Blogger 2008 Awards

Now this is a neat idea… Paul Mooney tells us:

Jess Stratton and Lotususergroup.org have setup the 2008 Lotus Blogger awards.

“The LotusUserGroup.org Blogger Awards recognize the importance of blogging in the Lotus world and celebrates the contribution of bloggers to the Lotus community.
Although we recognize that all bloggers provide a valuable contribution and an important service to the community, this award will go to the blogger who, over time, has provided exceptional information, education and community support through his or her blog in an entertaining (or engrossing) format and style.

Beginning on November 19, 2007 LotusUserGroup.org will start taking nominations for the award. Members of LotusUserGroup.org can use the form below to nominate their favorite blogger, who they feel best meets our qualifications, from among the hundreds of bloggers in our community. Nominations should be based on the qualifications in the paragraph above. Nominations will be open from November 19 – December 17, 2007 ”

Click here for details.  I know who I am voting for (and no… you cant vote for yourself!)

I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate the diversity, quality and value of the Lotus blogging community, and may well prove to be a super way to hear about a number of blogs that have somehow passed you by thusfar.  Nice one Lotususergroup.org…

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