Lotus Protector announced

Ed has already posted indicating this will be announced very soon, well here it is…

IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security 2.1, a new Lotus offering based on proven technology from IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS), protects organizations from Internet-based spam, viruses, “phishing” attacks, and other malware. Deployable as either a software-only solution on a virtual server, or as a plug-and-play appliance using separately purchased hardware from IBM ISS, Lotus Protector for Mail Security offers best-of-breed technology that is easy for Domino customers to acquire, deploy, administer, and support.

IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security:

   * Extends the IBM Lotus Domino security model to help manage e-mails that enter and leave your organization

   * Helps preserve your organization’s reputation by inspecting and cleaning e-mail content before it is delivered to your employees

   * Shields recipients from the ever evolving nature of spam

   * Identifies suspected viruses before they are publicly known

   * Uses industry-leading features such as advanced heuristics, IP reputation filtering, and transport layer security (TLS) encryption, to address the needs of Domino customers

   * Works in concert with Domino to create an end-to-end security platform

Sizing is interesting:

Lotus Protector for Mail Security solution is available as both a hardware appliance and a virtual appliance.

Technical specifications for the hardware appliance
Rack units
Up to 10,000 users; supports a clustered environment for larger
 deployments (36,000 e-mails per hour on average).
Lotus Protector for Mail Security appliances can be clustered for
 larger installations. Centralized management and reporting is
 available through clustering and/or IBM Proventia Management

Technical specifications for the virtual appliance
Ideally suited for small to midsize businesses with fewer than
 1,000 users, and scalable to more strategic operating
 specifications as required, depending on the hardware base
 (maximum of 12,000 e-mails per hour on average)
Runs as installed software on VMware under the following guest
 operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP or 2003 VMware ESX 3.x

From a selfish point of view, I am pleased that:

  • IBM is making this available as both an appliance and VM image – perfect for me to deploy into SMBs
  • IBM is including protector in the Run Your Business licensing for BPs – this will be perfect for my needs (and I am sure lots of other consultants/BPs out there too!

More info in the Announcement Letter.

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