Lotus Symphony wins yet another group test

The Freeline Report takes a look at the latest Freeware word processor solutions available:

All of us need a word processor every now and again. It’s a fact of life. Now, when most people hear the words “word processor,” one name immediately comes to mind — Microsoft Word. There’s only one problem with that: Word costs money. Buying a $250+ software package just to get one program really doesn’t make sense in this day and age. Loading that twelve year-old version of Word that you have hidden in your sock drawer or digging out that ancient copy of WordPerfect 6.1 your business partner copied for you on floppy disk isn’t much better. Simply put, you’re stuck.

This is where we come in. On today’s episode of Showdown, guest beta-tester Angela Smedley and I take a look at the six latest and greatest word processing programs out there. All of these programs were tested on a system running the Windows 7 beta. Like the last time, each program was tested for ease of use, learning curve, and overall experience.

The group test includes OpenOffice, AbiWord, Adobe Buzzword, Google Docs, SoftMarker Office and, of course, Lotus Symphony.

Symphony and GoogleDocs come out as joint-winners with 9/10 ratings.  They clearly enjoyed the Symphony experience:

Overall Rating: 9; “I might keep this one and uninstall OpenOffice. I like it that much.”

Link: Freeline Report : Monday Showdown: Word Processors – Free Line 3/02/09

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