LotusLive 1.1 – Less clicks, better overview, more document management functions

As of this week LotusLive is upgraded to version 1.1. The number of changes do not look much, however for the end user these changes makes working with LotusLive even easier.

Here an overview of the  new functionality:

•        Improved contact/network management
•        (Company) Branding
•        New document management feature (Encrypted Files, Suspend function)
•        Improved Meetings functionality

1.        LotusLive manages your network by:
1.        Profile management, you can connect, share personal contact information with other LotusLive users.
2.        Contact management, you can also manage all your non-LotusLive users in a contact management environment.

These two functions have become more integrated:

LotusLive 1.0 :



LotusLive 1.1



In blue you see people who are also LotusLive user, in black you see non-LotusLive users.

We also got an inline editing feature that saves time, and  make LotusLive network the place to manage your contacts in state of using Lotus Notes address book or Outlook address book as you primary tool.



Because LotusLive will take over many of the intranet and internal document management features, LotusLive needs to give you also more the feeling of an intranet/internal document management. Version LotusLive 1.1 gives you facility to brand  the pages for  all you company users by:

•        adding company logo
•        changing default color scheme



Document management features
LotusLive is already replacing the mail attachment function in our daily live. However once you have made this first significant step, you also want other document  functions within  LotusLive (so you can stop using your internal document management system)

To take this second step LotusLive gives us now two new  functions:
•        suspend documents
•        encrypted files

You share documents with other LotusLive user (guest or paid users), most of the  time these documents are work in progress. And because of that you sometimes need  to work on a shared document without others able to make changes to this  document. This is what the suspend feature will give us.

You can compare this function with the check-in/check-out feature of Quickr and  SharePoint.


Encrypted files:

In the past when we attached documents to e-mails we also used the encrypt feature to be sure the document can only be read by the person which it is intended for.

With the encrypted feature we get the same level of trust.


I need to spend a little more time in the new feature to test it fully.

Version 1.0 – Files overview

version 1.1 – Files overview

version 1.0  – File Details

Version 1.1 – File details


The meeting function within LotusLive got a few small changes which results in less clicks for the presenter during a meeting. And this of course is good news for all participants (guest or paid users) of a meeting.

•        Adding files within less clicks
•        Unauthenticated participants (who are made presenters) can upload files from the sidebar

               LotusLive 1.0 – sidebar                                               LotusLive 1.1 – sidebar

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