LotusLive 1.3 Announced

First of a series of posts today in a week that is of massive importance – when the LotusLive suite matures into a true social collaboration platform.

Today, LotusLive 1.3 has been announced by IBM:

LotusLive logoIBM LotusLive 1.3 delivers new features, additional language support, and integration of third-party applications


IBM LotusLive 1.3 provides cloud-delivered online technologies for business that combine web conferencing, messaging, and collaboration services with social networking capabilities.

LotusLive extends the ability to engage the right resources at the right time by enabling users to collaborate and work with others outside or inside their firewall.

With 1.3, the LotusLive portfolio expands its value in the following key areas:

  • Introduces the communities feature within LotusLive Engage and LotusLive Connections. This new capability enables users to tag information, share bookmarks, create activities, and use a discussion forum.
  • Adds Macintosh OS as an application sharing platform for LotusLive Meetings and LotusLive Engage
  • Adds support for Windows Media Video (WMV) for LotusLive Meeting recordings, in addition to Quicktime movie format (MOV) for LotusLive Meetings
  • Expands language support where the majority of LotusLive services now support seven new languages (Catalan, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Thai, Russian and Polish) for a total of 22 languages
  • Enhanced extranet calendar capabilities via integration with a third-party service provider (Tungle)
  • Integration with third-party service provider (Bricsys) offering online document viewing and annotation in 70 document formats via Vondle Live.

Overall, LotusLive offerings (file sharing, e-mail, instant messaging, activities, web conferences, surveys, and social networking) help companies focus on growing their business, and finding and working with the right people by providing essential software for getting the most out of every collaboration in a simple to acquire service.

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