LotusLive.com gets a makeover – a model for other Lotus product sites?

Now, it’s entirely possibly that I just didn’t spot this before, but LotusLive.com (the product/services site rather than the applications themselves) has had a nifty makeover leading up to Lotusphere (#ls11):


With elements of social media integration, links to podcasts and videos, list of applications available, mobile apps and more, this is a really impressive site now.  

Hey, even Collaboration Matters gets a mention!

LotusLive Design Partner Program

I would love to see LotusLive.com become a model for other Lotus product microsites – imagine a LotusNotes.com, LotusConnections.com etc. that has as much useful content, links to third party apps and multimedia included.  IBM, you own the domains, let’s do it!

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