Lotuslive goes live tomorrow, and so here’s the LotusLive Blog!

Such exciting times…

launches tomorrow, April 7th 2009:


Exciting News…LotusLive Engage Launches April 7, 2009

We are pleased to share some important news with you – the LotusLive Engage service will officially launch on April 7, 2009 at 9am EST. This means that as of April 7, the LotusLive Engage Beta will come to an end. We would like to thank our beta participants for their contributions to the beta program for LotusLive Engage. All beta accounts will be converted to trial accounts on April 7.

New customers may also take advantage of a LotusLive trial by registering on or after April 7, 2009 right here at www.lotuslive.com.

Yes, the LotusLive Engage service will go fully live tomorrow.  If you are already a beta participant you will need to reset your password tomorrow in order to convert your membership to a trial account and to be able to access the service. If not, perhaps this is the ideal time to get your organisation registered in order to try out this brand new social collaboration service?

The site is currently down in order to ready the environment for go-live, but will be back up by 9am EST tomorrow, that’s 1pm GMT (2pm UK time).

And a new blog…

As a member of the Lotuslive Engage ‘Early Adopters program’ since early last year, Collaboration Matters has been heavily involved with helping the IBM team evolve Lotus Bluehouse into the impressive Lotuslive Engage service that will be available tomorrow.  It has been a thrill and a privilege to test and critique many of the new features and improvements as they have been developed as a means of expanding my own organisation’s core collaboration infrastructure, and we will continue to use the service in production as well as looking to include it in many of our services and solutions for our customers in the future.

Therefore, as I have done with our other key IBM/Lotus offerings, Connections and Quickr, I have created a new blog to help evangelise and inform others about the product (I firmly believe in blogging as one of the most effective means to share knowledge and start conversations).  So for all the latest news, views and insight as the Lotuslive range of products comes to market (and beyond), head over to the LotusLive Blog today!

The LotusLive Blog

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