LotusLive quotes from Bob Picciano

Bob Picciano (GM, Lotus) seems to be front and centre when it comes to new announcements, particularly around LotusLive.  I like this a lot – as I said at Lotusphere, I can imagine Mr. Picciano becoming a much higher-profile exec than Lotus has had for at least 10 years, and that would be no bad thing at all…

On LotusLive Connections:

“It’s another natural extension,” said Lotus software general manager Bob Picciano in a phone interview with Mass High Tech. “In LotusLive we provide some things you would consider to be no-brainers like web conferencing and events. People do more than just web conferences. They actually want to work online,” he said.

The main thrust was the desire to add the ability to collaborate across company boundaries. Picciano called that market “massively underserved,” saying most inter-enterprise collaboration takes place via emails with attachments. Workers spend the first few minutes of any meeting establishing that everyone is looking at the same version of a document, he said.


“IBM is an established leader in two major trends: cloud computing and social networking for business. At the nexus of these trends is LotusLive Connections,” said Bob Picciano, general manager, IBM Lotus Software. “LotusLive Connections brings companies of all sizes the ability to build, share information and easily work with their extended business network over the Web.”

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