LotusLive – what’s the deal?

Now that LotusLive is, erm, live, and available for purchase, thoughts turn to costs and how to go about buying it for your organisation (assuming, of course, that it fulfills your requirements!).

As I pointed out yesterday, it isn’t currently possible to buy a subscription to LotusLive online – the site offers a form to fill out for more information or a US based toll-free number to call.  I think that this is a shame, as LotusLive Engage is targeted at smaller organisations and thus at the consumer end of the business market – businesses that are used to buying their IT from online retailers and their services from folks like Skype, SalesForce.com and Google, all suppliers that sell their wares directly via their websites.  This e-commerce option is scheduled to be available at a later date.

However, as Collaboration Matters is a LotusLive partner, I’m very interested in how to sell the solution to my customers, so I was looking forward to the solution being available via IBM’s standard Passport Advantage volume licensing agreement.  Lotuslive Engage hit the PA price guide today, so we are now in a position to sell it as part of our offerings.

These are the details:

  • The basic LotusLive Engage package is $58 (
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