Lotusphere 2008 tagline “Emergence” – a follow up…

You may remember that I recently posted the graphic for Lotusphere 2008 that included the tagline:

“Emergence. Get Ready. Your concept of collaboration and communication is about to change.”
Image:Lotusphere 2008 tagline "Emergence" - a follow up...

Well, Neil Burston mentioned to me that he had managed to get round to reading a fascinating book entitled “Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities and Software” by Steven Johnson during the Christmas break, and that perhaps the theme for Lotusphere might be linked to Emergence theory?  It’s certainly an interesting thought, and ties in very nicely with the Web2.0 / social software theme.  I’m certainly going to do some reading up of both this book a similar one from John Holland entitled “Emergence: From Chaos to Order” before the trip to Orlando.

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Any thoughts?

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