Lotusphere Announcement No.8 – Lotus Bluehouse (SaaS)

Image:Lotusphere Announcement No.8 - Lotus Bluehouse (SaaS)

Many of you have had the opportunity to check out the Lotus Greenhouse over the last year.  In Greenhouse, the latest Lotus technologies are available to evaluate and tinker with, all in an environment hosted by IBM.  

The notion of software-as-a-service has become more dominant in the industry, and today IBM is announcing Lotus “Bluehouse” (codename), to provide extranet collaboration tools.  “Bluehouse” expands on IBM’s introduction of Sametime Unyte, a hosted e-meetings service, which is now incorporated into the “Bluehouse” environment.  “Bluehouse” is now in beta at bluehouse.lotus.com and will be available in the second half of 2008.


This looks absolutely huge – how many customers I know would just love to have this as an option…  Might step on a few BPs toes though ;-(

More to follow…

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