MSN Messenger plugin for Lotus Sametime now available

For a very long time now, Lotus Sametime customers have been asking for integration with MSN Messenger.  Whilst the Sametime Gateway product has been able to connect with AIM and GTalk for a long while, integration with MSN has not been forthcoming.

This hasn’t changed, but the good news is that there is now a plug-in available to bring MSN contacts within the Sametime Connect client:

Often, due to organisational security policies, communication with external IM is considered a breach of the organisational IT policy. With Web 2.0 and social networking beginning to become more and more rampant, IT staff need to find a balance between providing such secured connectivity to their users.

YES! The Lotus Sametime Plugin to MSN (developed by Startin Point Pte Ltd) provides organisation with a Secured Internal IM and Secured connectivity to external IM such as MSN.

The main objectives of plugin are as follows:-

Allow the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client to have connectivity to MSN.
To ensure that all communication to MSN is secured, auditable and logged.
Clustering support for High-Volume users
Enable / Disable File Transfer
All conversation are audited
Content Filtering

This video shows how the plug-in operates:


The plug-in is available from the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog.  I can see a number of organisations that we work with loving this so will be downloading and installing it in our test suite.  Give it a go!

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