My favourite enhancement in Notes 8.5.2

So, it seems that the Lotus version of Harry Potter’s ‘Cloak of Invisibility’, the Design Partner NDA, has been lifted for the forthcoming Notes/Domino 8.5.2 and members of the DP and beta programs can now freely blog about the new features and enhancements – yay!

Others have so far picked out the improvements to XPages and the Domino Designer license changes.

However, I’m a simpler kinda guy, and so my favourite enhancement is very straightforward and also one that has been much requested over the years…

Multi-threaded client replication:


Yes, that’s right, the Notes client is now capable of fully multi-threaded replication – and the Replicator tab has been updated to demonstrate this.  Replication now happens much faster across the board, and if one particular server or database is unavailable or taking a long time, the rest of your Database replication tasks will not be held up.

As someone with 30+ DBs on my replicator tab, some of which are on servers that are often unavailable, I am really really pleased with this one!

[Just a reminder… The 8.5.2 features discussed/shown are in beta and not guaranteed to be in the product IBM ultimately chooses to ship.]

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