Organising an event?

Organising an event? Then you should learn from this post:

Promoting an event like Going Solo is a huge amount of work  often more than what youd imagine (and more than what I imagined initially). Thats why everything the community does to help counts.

So, Ive tried to make it easy for you to do something to help get the word out about Going Solo Leeds (to your readers/network/community/friends) if you feel like it.

First, logos and blog badges which you can easily insert in a blog post or a sidebar by copy-pasting the code we provide, like these two for example:

Going Solo Leeds logo.

Going Solo Leeds Badge.

(You can find others on the Promote Going Solo page.)

Second, the Going Solo Leeds home page provides you with the main information and links, as well as a brief description of the event if youre looking for some stock text (we encourage you to speak in your own voice, of course, but sometimes its handy to know what the key points are).

Third, the videos and photos of the Lausanne conference are available (and embeddable  Flickr and DailyMotion) as illustration material. I guess this is particularly relevant if you were present in Lausanne and want to point out one of the highlights of your Going Solo experience to tempt others to follow in your steps.

Fourth, there are events on Upcoming and Facebook (as well as a Facebook group) to which you can invite your friends very easily (you certainly know how it works if youre on one of those two services).

Fifth, if youre into offline stuff, you can ask me (steph at going-solo dot net, or @stephtara on Twitter) to have a box of Going Solo MOO cards sent to you, or print out our posters and plaster them all over your neighbourhood:

And sixth, so that you dont have to figure it all out for yourself, there are two links you can use to point people to registration:

 * is the direct link
 * provides some extra information.

While were at it:

 * is the Going Solo blog
 * is the Going Solo Leeds website

Happy blogging, thanks in advance, and let us know if you dont see your post appear in the coverage list soon!

Isn’t that great? Everything you would need to blog about or to help promote the event.  I think this could easily be a template that we should all use in the future for any event we organise or wish to tell others about.  Great work @sephtara.  Oh and by the way, the conference sounds great!

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