Register for LotusLive Mobile (Blackberry access to LotusLive Meetings) beta

LotusLive MeetingsUse LotusLive Meetings (formerly Sametime Unyte)? Have a Blackberry mobile device?

Then register to gain access to the LotusLive Mobile application, enabling you to connect to LotusLive Meetings from your device:

LotusLive Mobile beta program

Mobile workers can use a BlackBerry smartphone to join and participate in a LotusLive meeting. Review the information in this article to see which devices are supported, how to download the code, and more.


The following prerequisite information can help you get started.

Register at Lotus Greenhouse with your desktop browser

The code that you need to download is hosted on our Lotus Greenhouse site. Before you can download mobile, you must register with Lotus Greenhouse by using your desktop browser. Go to to register.

Make sure that you are using a supported device

You will need a BlackBerry smartphone with a 3G or WiFi connection. The BlackBerry smartphone must also use a connection service provided by either a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) in order to use the Meetings service. Currently, in the United States, the BlackBerry Bold smartphone running on the AT&T network is the only one that meets these requirements.

Also, the Meetings service functions during an audio call only if the device is connected to a 3G network capable of sharing the air with voice channel, or if the device is WiFi enabled and connected to WiFi network.


Here’s what you can do:

         o Join a meeting. To join the meeting, you will need to enter the meeting ID.

         o View files that are presented during the meeting.

         o View desktop and application sharing by the presenter.

         o Chat with meeting participants and see the list of attendees.

         o Use the hand-raising feature.

Also, you can take advantage of the smartphone features that you expect, including:

         o Zoom in or out by use of pan-and-zoom.

         o Shortcut keys for quick access to features.

Link: LotusLive Wiki – LotusLive Mobile beta program

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