Running a Domino web server?

Do you run a Domino web application server in your organisation?  Or do you host any Domino-based blogs?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, this setting might be of real value to you, particularly if you are suffering poor performance from your Domino HTTP stack.

Go to the server document for your web server, then Internet Protocols/Domino Web Engine.  Check the setting of the “Run web agents and web services concurrently?” parameter.

Server: blogs/collaborationmatters - IBM Lotus Notes

This should be enabled.  It is disabled by default.

I recently had this setting cause me huge performance issues on my Domino Blog server (which hosts 10+ fairly active blogs), with us seeing fast performance when the Domino server was started, then performance rapidly tailing off after 20 minutes or so. Changing this setting has cured the issue completely.  

Huge thanks to Steve Castledine for his “beyond the call of duty” help on this.  Also, it would make sense from my point of view for this setting to be enabled by default rather than disabled.  It appears that others have had the same idea, so if you agree, go vote for this idea:

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