Sametime Unyte 8.2 announced

Announced today:

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting 8.2 strengthens global collaboration among businesses and enhances the customer Web event and meeting experience

Within the next few months, IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting will include these exciting features:

    * Support of PDF and ODF document formats in addition to Microsoft formats
    * A waiting room for attendees who join a conference prior to the host
    * Performance acceleration for international customers so all attendees, regardless of location, can count on consistent, fast response rates
    * Multiple language support (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese) so individuals can host and join conferences in their preferred language
    * One-click start of a Web conference from Lotus Sametime messaging service via shelf
    * Firefox 3.0 support

Good to see the support for ODF and Firefox3 in there, and I am sure that many users will see benefits from the language support and one-click start of Unyte conferences.

I do wish they had support for application sharing from Mac and Linux in the list though…

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