Socialtext webinar: Twitterprise Use Cases & Case Studies

Socialtext are doing some great work right now, including the incorporation of “Twitter-like” micro-blogging and status updates into their Social Software offerings.  

The latest in their three-part Twitterprise webinar series covers how their microsharing technology can help your organisation:

SocialtextTwitterprise: A Social Messaging Seminar Series
Webinar 2: Twitterprise Use Cases & Case Studies
April 23, 9am PDT

If you’re wondering whether talk of “Twitter in the enterprise” is an overblown fad or an opportunity you need to understand now, this webinar is for you.

When you need to collaborate and bolster cross-department information sharing, legacy communications solutions fall short. Join this free webinar to discover how “Twitter-like” tools in the enterprise can unlock new and powerful ways to work. You’ll see a demonstration of the powerful social messaging solution from Socialtext.

Join this free webinar to get specifics on how companies are using social messaging and the value it creates for them. We’ll explore general use cases of social messaging technology, and a Socialtext customer will present how they are using Socialtext’s microsharing technology, Socialtext Signals.

As a SocialText partner, I’m excited to see how the Socialtext Signals product is being used by customers and recommend this webinar to you.

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