Switching IDs – what’s the plan?

The Notes 8.5 beta on the Mac has the following lovely new dialog (which I can’t find a way to disable):
Lotus Notes
It also suffers with the same feature/bug that Notes 8.0.1 on Windoze has, losing all memory of its integrated Sametime configuration every time you switch IDs, and certainly not supporting the option of staying logged into Sametime through the switch.

Now, it’s clear to me that IBM/Lotus is trying to deprecate the use of ID switching in the Notes client, and pushing folks toward multi-user installs instead.  I can see why this might be desirable with the job-sharing secretary type scenario where ID switching was the only option on Win98 and earlier, but I can’t imagine there are too many of these situations left out there.  However, that leaves the many thousands of developers/admins that cannot install the multi-user client (it isn’t an option if you need Admin or Designer), who are also the folks who typically have to access multiple Domino domains or Organisations with multiple different IDs.

So, my question…  What is the replacement for multiple locations and ID switching for us Notes “power users” who are deploying, managing, supporting and developing Notes applications and installations for multiple organisations?  If I’m wrong and we are to be able to continue using ID switching, please please please can it be properly supported, including integrated Sametime?

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