Symphony – offering office productivity for a song

A cracking review of Lotus Symphony 1.2 by John Roling in the Intranet Journal:

With the release of IBM Lotus Notes 8, IBM took a shot at Microsoft with integrated Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation software. Now, that package of software, known as IBM Lotus Symphony, is available as a stand-alone suite that’s available for anyone to download for free.

Yes you read that right, free.

That’s the big distinction that IBM Lotus is trying to make with Symphony. Symphony becomes the free alternative that may replace Microsoft Office for many typical end-users. Symphony also integrates very well with Lotus Notes 8, and that integration point is something that I’m sure Lotus is banking on to win new converts.

So, is it good enough to unseat Office? Let’s see.

John comes to some sensible conclusions about the current status of the Symphony product, and this might be a good document to put in front of managers in your organisation, if only to reassert the point that Symphony is free and could save the organisation a significant amount in MS licenses.

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