Symphony – “, plus polish.”

There has been so much great press coverage coming out of the MacWorld conference in San Francisco this past week, with particular focus on the IBM announcements of Lotus Notes 8.5 and Symphony 1.2 for the Mac.

Here’s my favourite though…

Information Week:

IBM announced the availability of Lotus Notes 8.5, as well as the upcoming availability, later this month, of Lotus Symphony document, spreadsheet and presentation software for the Mac.

Notes 8.5 improves storage efficiency over previous versions, offers a tweaked user interface, integration with Google, Yahoo, and hundreds of other public Internet calendars. Notes also runs in Windows and Linux devices.

Symphony is derived from the codebase. My colleague Serdar Yegulalp, who reviewed it last month as part of an overview of open-source office suites, described it as “, plus polish.”

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