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T’was ten years ago… (Lotus Connections & Quickr)

Unfortunately I’ve just missed the actual anniversary, but I thought it worth celebrating that this week marks a decade since the announcement (on 22nd January 2007) of two products that have had an immense impact on my working life, Lotus IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr.

CGate screenshot

CGATE – an easy-to-use front end for IBM Connections

Interesting release from Swedish ISV, EGBS: CGATE is a delightful and easy to use front end for IBM Connections. It will be customized to your organization and your employees – no need to adapt your processes to the tool, or for your employees to learn a new vocabulary. The users will get started in no […]

Avoiding CSS cache issues in IBM Connections 4.5

Many IBM Connections 4.5 admins may have seen this kind of thing in the past: Users see the page structure in their browser but with formatting badly mangled. Often clearing cache and refreshing page, or else just waiting a few minutes and trying again, appears to resolve it.  The issue is browser- and platform-independent, and […]

IBM Connections and WordPress

As a strong advocate of IBM Connections and a heavy WordPress user (8 sites and counting), I’m really really pleased to see this new integration from the expert folks at AppFusions: Features include: Post to Connections Activity Stream when a blog post is published Display Connections Community Card as a WordPress widget WordPress gravatar/profile pic […]

IBM Connections Activities: too many nodes

Hit this issue the other day with a customer (and yes, it was a mammoth Activity!)… Here’s the IBM technote (emphasis mine): In IBM Connections, what is maximum number of entries that can be added to an Activity? Question In IBM Connections, it is possible to add content to an activity either in the form […]

The new IBM Sametime widgets for IBM Connections are now available

I posted last week that new Sametime integration had been announced for IBM Connections, in the form of Meetings and Chat Room widgets.  However, at the time they had not yet been released. Well, good news! They are now available for download from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog: IBM Sametime Meeting Rooms Widget for IBM […]

IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 released

After a couple of false starts, IBM Connections 4.5 Cumulative Refresh 3 (CR3) has been released on FixCentral for download. is 742 MB in size and is available for all server platforms. It is a fairly major update, and therefore requires database schema changes.  If CCM is installed then there is a requirement to […]

IBM Connections Touchpoint: on-boarding for new users

A new project from the IBM Labs – IBM Connections Touchpoint… The IBM Connections Touchpoint provides an interactive user experience that can be used for a wide variety of end user touchpoint scenarios, such as new user profile creation, community and network contact recommendations, organization polling and more, driving user engagement and increasing the business […]

Michael Sampson launches ‘Insights on Connections’

Helping organizations with making collaboration work is the focus of what I do. Earlier this year I wrote and published Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013), a book that explores how IBM Connections can be used to help people in their day-to-day collaborative work. I have been pondering how to keep the ideas flowing with […]

IBM ‘Social Business Online’ app now available

IBM Connect is just around the corner (I travel on Friday, so better crack on with the packing!), and thoughts turn to sessions, schedules and social events. After a few false starts this year, IBM has settled on the Social Business Online tool as the official means to view sessions, create a personal schedule and […]

Make your mind up… (Community platforms)

I appreciate the willingness of so many IBMers to be social and collaborate with those outside the organisation. I love the way that they will go beyond the call of duty and step in to help with issues or discussions.  I adore that so many are willing to find information and share it privately or […]

Advertising Social Business

Seen in New York City today: And the ad itself? Whatever you think of the idea of destroying your own office (I’m not too sure about the details of the ad myself), wouldn’t it have been encouraging to see IBM Connections (and IBM Social Business as a whole) being advertised in this very public and […]

IBM introduces the IBM Connections Suite

At the Social Business event in the Netherlands today, IBM announced the new IBM Connections Suite. The Convergence of Social, Unified Communications, and Content Management Including IBM Connections, IBM Connections Community document libraries, IBM Sametime Advanced and IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite, this new solution is designed to provide an organisation will all the tools to offer its users […]

Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows now available

The IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins Microsoft Windows is intended for Microsoft Windows users, adding social networking features and functionality from IBM Connections services, including Activities, Communities, Files, and Profiles. The IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows provides the following features from Windows Explorer: Upload files for personal use or to share with others Upload […]

Join today’s webinar – Lotus Connections 3.0 Overview

Heard about Social Collaboration or Enterprise 2.0 tools and how they can revolutionise your organisation? Want to know what all the fuss is about? Join our Winter 2010/2011 Webinar Series to find out more. Join us today at 4pm UK/11am ET for the second webinar in our Winter 2010/11 series (registration is required): Date/Time Description […]

Lotus Connections 3.0: a Technical View on What’s New

A couple of months ago, I delivered a session to the NLLUG 2010 conference on what’s new in Lotus Connections 3.0, covering both the new features in the release and the technical details an admin would need to know in order to plan for their deployment or upgrade. At that time, much of the content […]