ten year futures

Ten Year Futures (vs. What’s Happening Now)

Super insightful presentation by Benedict Evans reflecting on what we can learn from previous tech revolutions, and how this knowledge can be applied to AI, crypto-currencies, mixed realities and autonomous vehicles. Well worth 25 minutes of your time…

Community Roundtable State of Community Management report 2017

The 2017 State of Community Management Report

If you’re in a role that encompasses elements of community management or program strategy, there is no doubt that one of the year’s highlights is the Community Roundtable’s publication of their ‘State of Community Management’ annual report. The 2017 report has been published today!

SOCM 2016: Quantifying the Value of Community

The State of Community Management 2016 provides a snapshot of the progress and changes in community management, based on research of more than 300 communities from organizations large and small, which span a range of use cases, sectors and industries. Every year we continue to build upon the past research and explore more deeply topics […]

Ambient Intimacy

Ambient Intimacy

Great post on the disambiguity blog from Leisa Reichelt, detailing how new Web2.0 style tools (including Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, Skype etc.) are increasing the levels of “Ambient Intimacy” that we share with friends and colleagues