Social Communications

My musings on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announced Teams last week, a direct competitor to Slack, and a new component of Office 365. How does it compare to Slack, and where does this leave Microsoft, IBM and Jive?

Microsoft Surface Studio

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

Well this changes everything… Stunning design, brilliant innovation (love the ‘drafting table’-enabling hinges and dial), and truly pro-level performance. This or a 3-year-old Mac Pro? Not difficult to choose is it? Of course, this may all change again tomorrow. We shall see…

MS Office & Dropbox

Dropbox announces mobile Office app support

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Office to help you do more on your phone or tablet. Now you can edit Office files from the Dropbox app and access your Dropbox directly from the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for iPhone and iPad. When you’re inside the Office apps, sign in to your Dropbox account to: Edit […]

Why did Microsoft think this was a good idea?

It’s one thing to design a marketing campaign around attacking one of your competitors’ business practice (personally I don’t think that’s a great idea in itself), yet another to launch a range of merchandise advertising that campaign. Does it make me think badly of Google?  Nope, along with what I believe is the vast majority […]

Microsoft’s Lost Decade

I’m sure many of you will have already seen and read this, but I keep coming back to it as it is such a great in-depth article, covering the history of Microsoft from its inception through to today. Kurt Eichenwald in Vanity Fair’s August issue: Amid a dynamic and ever changing marketplace, Microsoft—which declined to […]

Microsoft vs. Apple: The History of Computing (Infographic)

This is fascinating – a review of Microsoft vs. Apple competition since 1984, complete with all major product announcements, personnel changes and stock values: Click on the image below to see the full version. (You may have to scale the image to get it to view well on your browser) It’s amazing to look at […]

A new sense of realism from Microsoft

Perhaps they’re getting the message now? From a “Microsoft Business Insights Newsletter” (emphasis mine): Still on the fence about Windows Vista? With a year of a maturing ecosystem and continuous updates through Windows Update, many IT Pros have concluded the time is right to get going on their Windows Vista adoption. Understand how Windows Vista […]

Microsoft just exhaled…

… so the BBC just reported it … Yes, the BBC‘s huge technology coverage bias towards the Redmond direction continues.  As Darren Adams and others have pointed out, the BBC (which is supposed to be impartial and definitely not funded by advertising or sponsorship, of course)  has a history of reporting every twitch of the […]

It’s Lotusphere Monday… So here we go, FUD, FUD, FUD…

Good old positive Microsoft…  Instead of focusing on its own positive messages about such wonders of software development as Exchange and Sharepoint, we get to Lotusphere Monday and what comes out of Redmond? The usual depressing, negative, hot air-filled, splurge of FUD-focused anti-Lotus messages!!   From CNet’s “Lotus Notes is one of Microsoft’s favourite […]