TeamPoint – now a LotusLive application

As part of the Sping release, IBM has added integration with yet another third-party application, Teampoint.

Heres what Teampoint does:

Teampoint app logoTeamPoint makes the management of your policies and procedures easier than ever. TeamPoint tracks and manages the creation of your controlled documents, helping you remain compliant with employment law, health and safety regulations and standards such as ISO 9001.

TeamPoint also allows you to capture an employee’s acceptance of key policies and procedures and automatically provides a “Starter Pack” for new employees based on their location in your organization. Integrated with LotusLive collaboration tools, now you can share your documents through LotusLive while still controlling versions and access through TeamPoint.

This application works with LotusLive Engage and Connections and requires a subscription of TeamPoint.

This video explains this well:


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