Without a properly managed ‘Open Business’ culture, and real adoption of the new Social Business platform, the technology is irrelevant.

However, when these aspects are done well, the technology can become the platform on which your organisation or community can both depend and thrive.

We are in a wonderful time when the concepts and practice of Social Business are well enough established that we have some large significant vendors delivering enterprise-scale solutions and platforms (think IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle) whilst still being a rich and growing market for smaller niche startups to enter (think Jive, Atlassian, Socialtext, Huddle and eXO).

As an independent consultant, I have the pleasure to have worked with a number of excellent vendors and technologies.  Each brings its own requirements and integration points, but typically that means sizing, design, planning, build, customisation, rollout and support.

So whether you are implementing your own Social Business platform on-prem, working with a hosting provider to build a private-cloud solution, or taking a public-cloud solution and making it your own, I can help make sure it is truly fit-for-purpose.

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