The dream team is here…

As most of you will undoubtedly know by now (the blogosphere is at its best today…):

Blue Wave Technology Limited have acquired BE Systems Limited. Blog entry from Paul Mooney here.

To meet the demand for top quality IBM Lotus Notes consultancy throughout Ireland, UK and Europe, Blue Wave Technology Limited has acquired BE Systems Limited, Specialists in providing top quality IBM Lotus technology services and support throughout the UK.

However, I wanted to just say a couple of things on the matter:

I couldn’t be happier on a personal level for Paul, Warren and Kitty. They are all great folks, some of the kindest and most helpful that I have met in this industry.  I am sure it will be a good deal and a good business decision for all concerned.

More importantly though… Even as a keen competitor to BlueWave and BE in the UK market, I also think this is great event for Lotus in the UK. For Lotus to become a dominant player in the UK collaboration marketplace again we must have a vibrant, energetic, competitive and driven partner community.  Changes and acquisitions are neccessary to enhance and improve this business and we must embrace these changes.  No one partner can answer all the questions our customers ask of us, and so it is essential that we work together, are aware of where one anothers’ strengths lie and continue to push forward with both our own development and also the building of strong relationships with one another.

We are in exciting times, and this is another great sign that the Lotus partner community really is the place to be…

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