The Lotus Symphony learning plug-in

Symphony Learning Plug-InOne of the primary benefits of IBM using the Eclipse/Expeditor platform for Lotus Symphony (vs. shipping it as a native package for each client OS) is that it allows the use of plug-ins – effectively turning the Symphony UI into a platform for composite applications – try doing that with Microsoft Word 😉

One of the first Symphony plug-ins to be shipped is the new ‘Learning Plug-In’:

Announcing the Public Availability of the Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Symphony!


The Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Symphony is now available on the
Lotus Symphony wiki.  Download and install the plug-in to access end-user learning materials.


The Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Symphony
is a sidebar plug-in that is used to view and filter learning materials inside IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2.  Download and install the plug-in to access the following types of Lotus Symphony user training materials:
       •        Show me Demos

       •        Tutorials

       •        Video Tours

       •        Web Seminars

       •        Reference Cards

You can filter content by Symphony Documents, Spreadsheets, or Presentations.

You can provide feedback about the plug-in by right-clicking on any topic or resource. Select Feedback
from the context menu to display a form that you can use to provide the plug-in team with your feedback.

The plug-in will be available soon on the plug-ins page of the
Lotus Symphony Web site. But you can get it now on the Lotus Symphony Wiki.

This looks to be a tremendous aid to adoption of Lotus Symphony within your organisation, so do take a closer look.

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