The Lotusphere 2010 UK Night – all the details

Monday Night is ‘UK Night’ at Lotusphere 2010. Collaboration Matters Ltd. is delighted to be a co-sponsor of the premier UK event at Lotusphere 2010.

Warren Elsmore gives us all the details:

Lotusphere2010 UK Night

Warren ElsmoreUKLUG are very pleased to announce ‘UK Night’ at Lotusphere 2010 – and our final supporter lineup! The UK hasn’t had it’s own party for a while, in conjunction with some of our sponsors, we’re going to have a few drinks for the brits abroad. I’ve a very important announcement to make – which is that we have CHANGED VENUE to allow us to get more of you in! The new details are:

When: January 18th, 2010 (Monday) from 8pm till 10pm (after the showcase reception&jamfest)
Where: Shulas’ Lounge, Dolphin Hotel

How to get in:
Here’s the fun part! You’ll need to find someone from one of the above companies. Find one of their employees, let them hear your great British accent*, and get a special sticker for your Lotusphere badge. Make sure to wear your badge and sticker to get in!

So, if you’re at Lotusphere in January, then we’d love to see you at UK Night. We’re attracting more freebies as time goes on, so you will even stand a change of winning a superb prize. Our thanks again to the sponsors above who are making this possible.

*BTW, If you’re not British, but can do a good British accent – we might let you in too. Just don’t start learning from Mary Poppins…

If you’d like to get that vital ‘UK Night’ sticker, grab me at Lotusphere and say ‘Cor blimey, mister, Lets go for a few Britneys in the Ringo’ or something similar!!

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