Tipped – a social networking business finder service for the UK

Tipped is yet another business-focused social networking community. With Tipped you can review businesses and services that you’ve used and recommend them if you were impressed with them. Tipped is accessible via a Browser and can also be used with a mobile handset – very useful if you’re on the move.

Tipped screenshot

Since Tipped is based in London, most of the businesses you’ll find listed will be in the U.K.  However, they do have microsites for 70 towns and cities in the UK, including two within 10 miles of my home, Cirencester and Swindon.  I am sure that this number will grow fairly rapidly…

Why use Tipped rather than Yell or other similar directory services? Because of the personal recommendation aspect – sure this has been done before for individual service types such as pubs or restaurants, but this site combines recommendations for all the different kinds of services you might need.  I like it…

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