Using Lotus Domino with IMAP clients?

Do you allow your users to access Lotus Domino via IMAP clients?

Perhaps via desktop software like Outlook, Thunderbird or  From the Blackberry Internet Service?  Or even from native email clients on mobile devices – iPhones/iPads, Windows Mobile, Android and so on?

If so, please can you tell us here?  I’d love to know how many users (as a number or a percentage of your population), what kinds of clients, and what problems (if any) you face as a result of supporting IMAP?

Why? I have a number of customers that support IMAP, and the results have been somewhat ‘variable’.  I know that others in the community face similar issues, and would love to collate our experience in such a way that we can get IBM’s attention focused even more strongly on this area.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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