Websphere Portal 6.1 will ship this quarter

IBM has released the following press release this week regarding Portal 6.1:

New IBM Web 2.0 Portal Software Breaks Down Barrier Between Enterprise and Web

LAS VEGAS, NV – 09 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that its new portal software with Web 2.0 support will ship this quarter. Called IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1, it is designed to securely combine information from both the enterprise and the Web.

A portal is a technology for providing external and internal Web sites which can deliver information, applications, and processes to provide a personalized experience to individuals. Web 2.0 technologies are increasingly being used for business by empowering people with content, social connections and other tools to solve problems.

IBM also announced at IMPACT that three of its accelerators and the beta version of a new entry-level forms product will ship this quarter. An accelerator is a software package that can be easily snapped on to IBM WebSphere Portal.

The first two accelerators are designed to help users respond more quickly to new business opportunities. IBM Dashboard Accelerator 6.1 for WebSphere Portal will integrate business intelligence software from IBM-Cognos and several other companies. IBM Dashboard Accelerator is a proven software tool used for rapidly building a dashboard, which is an intuitive visualization of information customized to a specific job role or point of view.

The second, IBM Content Accelerator 6.1 for WebSphere Portal, includes simplified authoring templates used for creating quick content like blogs. It also will have richer in-line editing to enable users to easily create folders, sites or site areas.

The third, IBM Business Process Accelerator, which has just started shipping, is designed to simplify and improve the adoption of business processes by using the role-based, personalized user interface of WebSphere Portal to improve both implementation and user response time for a range of processes. For information about a university’s use of this software, visit http://www.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/22719.wss.

I will be really looking forward to sampling the new WCM technology in the Content Accelerator having suffered WCM in older versions of Portal.  Hopefully the user interface will now allow the platform to perform to its potential…

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