What’s new in Symphony 1.2?


Here’s a list of new features in Lotus Symphony 1.2 (cross-platform):

What’s New in Symphony 1.2

Performance enhancements:

 * Improved .ods and .xls files loading performance.
 * Improved .ods files saving performance.

Usability enhancements:

 * Enhanced performance optimization options usability by adding Symphony system tray icon.
 * Enhanced exported PDF accessibility by adding structural tags and attributes for document elements.

 * Enhanced BIDI support in Spreadsheet.

 * Added user interface language support in regional settings preferences page.

 * Enabled creating a hyperlink to local documents in all three editors.

 * Associated numbering and bullet style to paragraph properties in Documents.

 * Enhanced new page creation usability in Presentations.

 * Significant enhancements on DataPilot in Spreadsheets.


 * Lotus Symphony GA is available on Ubuntu.
 * Provided Lotus Symphony Debian packages on Ubuntu.

 * Provided Lotus Symphony RPM packages on SuSe and RedHat.

On-line Help Enhancements:

 * Enhanced help content for Presentations.
 * Symphony information center is available in http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/symphony/v1r1/index.jsp where you can find help contents and other related resources.


 * Added Business Partner page.
 * Re-designed Buzz section, Plug-ins section, and Gallery Landing page.

A couple of comments.

1) It is great to see real platform support for the Linux versions – installers in native formats for Ubuntu, SuSe and Redhat for example.
2) I think it’s cool that IBM is tying the website experience to the product updates.  Often the product pages appear to be a little bit of an afterthought, whereas the Symphony pages have always been attractive, interactive and bang up to date.  The obvious URL makes such a difference too – symphony.lotus.com

Get Symphony 1.2 now.

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