Wow. 68% of businesses say they’ll add Macs in ’09

An amazing survey and article, not unexpected from my personal viewpoint, but still a shock to see it in print.  ComputerWorld says:

Businesses double down on Apple; 68% say they’ll add Macs in ’09

Apple’s having its best enterprise showing in 20 years, says analyst

The number of businesses planning to add Apple Inc.’s Macintosh desktops and laptops to their corporate mix has doubled since earlier this year — part of what an analyst calls the “consumerization” of IT.

In a just-published survey, 68% of some 700 companies polled said they will allow their end users to deploy Macs as their work systems in the next 12 months. That’s exactly double the percentage of businesses that answered the same question eight months ago, said Laura DiDio, an analyst at Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC).

“And Apple hasn’t done anything to actively promote this,” DiDio said. Instead, faced by users “begging to use a Mac,” IT managers are reacting to the “consumerization” of technology in the enterprise, she explained.

“It used to be that business computers were more powerful than the ones at home,” DiDio noted, “but just the opposite is happening now. The computers at home are more powerful than those in the office.” And users want that power where they work.

Is your organisation looking to add Macs in 2009? Will a full release of Notes 8.5 and Symphony 1.2 make a difference to your plans?

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