6 days to go – you know you can’t miss this

With just 6 days remaining before Collaboration University Chicago and 13 days to CU London, we are reviewing final presentations and can tell you that there is really some great new technical info this year. With new versions of everything (and Sametime 8.5 indepth coverage) there are going to be more than a few revelations at this year’s conferences. Here’s a sample of what the experts are preparing for you!

    * Warren Elsmore has labored many many weeks getting Sametime 8 on Linux, so you don’t have to.
    * Gab Davis has slain more dragons than we can count working through various permutations of LTPA and LDAP to get the WebSphere-based Sametime 8.5 Meeting Center going.
    * Viktor Krantz has created several new Quickr 8.2 hook examples and “variations on a theme.”
    * Troy Reimer has created three reusable examples (that everyone takes home) and has been deconstructing some six-figure development projects so you can understand how to plan for Quickr development.
    * Chris Miller is having alphabet soup every day. LDAP, SSO, LTPA, SMTP, SSL…you get the idea.
    * Julian Robichaux and Jerald Mahurin have written sessions for others to deliver on data transfer, migrations, and support.
    * Carl Tyler has cooked up new Sametime API examples, and will show you how to customize the new Sametime 8.5 web client – very cool stuff here.
    * Mitch Cohen and Stuart McIntyre have teamed up to get you up and running on Connections 2.5, and show you how to make the biggest impact with light customization.
    * Tim Clark and Kat McGivney are preparing lab machines, working on VM transfers onsite and generally being indispensable.
    * Our IBM guest speakers Louis Richardson, Darren Adams, David Kajmo, Miki Banatwala, and Rob Ingram are showing us the future…and how Quickr kicks Sharepoint squarely in the ECM.
    * We’re already planning the first of our three live webinars for December – $297 worth of additional training that is included for CU 2009 attendees.

There are slots remaining, and the ROI is pretty clear, so register online today.

Dates: September 14-16, Chicago and September 21-23, London

REGISTER TODAY: http://www.CollaborationUniversity.com

CU in Chicago and London!

All the best,

Your Collaboration University Team:
CU SpeakersCarl Tyler, Chris Miller, Gabriella Davis, Warren Elsmore, Rob Novak, Viktor Krantz, Troy Reimer, Julian Robichaux, Jerald Mahurin, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Mike Smith, Melissa Rieke and our friends from IBM!

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