A plea to Lotus bloggers!

Please, oh please…

Enable full posts in your RSS feed!!!

Especially if your blog is one of those published on PlanetLotus!

I can perhaps have a teeny weeny bit of understanding for using truncated posts if your blog bandwidth usage is a critical issue for you, or if your financial viability depends on getting readers to click through ads on your site.  However, I can’t believe that this criteria impacts even 2% of those in this community, so if you’re not one of those folks, why on earth don’t you let readers consume the whole of your posts via PlanetLotus or their RSS feed readers?  

After all, isn’t the whole point of Web2.0 and collaboration in 2008 to enable the supply of information to the user “in the context of the work they do every day” rather than forcing them to visit 20+ blog sites each morning? Heck, if you have done enough to engage them they will still visit your blog to comment on the post anyway…

PS. I wish the Domino Blog template would have full posts enabled by default for just this reason – I am sure than many bloggers don’t even realise this setting is there to change…
PPS. Sorry for the rant 😉

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