Atlassian Confluence 3.5 Released: Stronger JIRA Integration

As an Atlassian partner, we are hugely excited about the new release of Confluence which has just been released.

Have you ever wanted to create JIRA issues from the Confluence Editor? What about being able to quickly insert recently viewed issues to generate ad-hoc reports in Confluence? Well, thanks to Confluence 3.5, now you can!  A new ‘Insert JIRA Issue’ dialog lets you create new issues, insert recently viewed issues, and search for existing issues to embed in Confluence pages.

Check out the short video below to see the features in action and keep reading for more information.

This is only scratching the surface of Confluence 3.5 – there are many, many more new features.

Confluence 3.5 - learn more

Confluence and JIRA Tie the Knot!
Hooray for less application switching! Shipped in Confluence 3.5 and JIRA 4.3, Application Links makes it a whole lot easier to connect JIRA and Confluence instances. What do you get when you connect the two? A new ‘Insert JIRA Issues’ dialog in the Confluence editor that let’s users insert ‘recently viewed’ JIRA issues, create new issues, or search for existing issues using ‘Quick Search’ or JIRA Query Language (JQL).

When a JIRA issue is inserted onto a Confluence page, key details such as the ‘Issue Type’, ‘Key’, ‘Summary’, and ‘Status’ are displayed. All inserted issues are dynamically updated. For example, if an issue’s status is changed from ‘Open’ to ‘Resolved’ in JIRA, the change will be reflected in Confluence. It’s never been easier to generate ad-hoc reports on the status of your JIRA issues.

With Confluence 3.5 you can transform rich content, like specifications and requirements, into actionable JIRA issues, without leaving Confluence.

Confluence 3.5 - learn more

(We’ve covered other features of the new release in previous posts…)

We’ll be urging our existing Confluence customers to get upgraded to 3.5 ASAP.  If you’d like to know more about Atlassian, the Confluence product or upgrading to the 3.5 release, please get in touch

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